Frequently Asked Questions

How many empanadas should I order?

We recommend 4-5 stk per person for a meal for an adult, and 2 stk for a children.

Do I need a salad on the side?

Normally in Argentina we don't eat garnish with empanadas, so they can be the star of the meal, and that's the best way to fully enjoy their flavors

How are they supposed to be eaten?

With your hands! We normally don't use cutlery, but of course you can do it if you feel like it! But if you wanna do it the Argentinian way, grab a napkin and start enjoying.

Can I buy them to bake myself at home?

Yes, you definitely can! Our boxes of frozen empanadas comes with instructions on how to bake/fry yourself. They last in the freezer up to 3 months.